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College Planning

Imagine your child coming to you with an acceptance letter from "the" college. The one he's been dreaming of all through high school. The one that perfectly matches her career aspirations. Perhaps even your own alma mater.

Only one thing could make you prouder – knowing that you have done your homework, too. That no matter where your child is accepted or what financial aid is offered, you have the resources to afford the college of choice.

Numerous surveys and studies have been published describing how parents prepare for future college costs. You probably don't need a survey to tell you what you already know:

  • Kids grow too fast.
  • College is expensive.
  • The time to start saving and planning is now.

Your child's college tuition could be one of the largest expenditures you ever make. And, if you have more than one child, the financial commitment is even greater. The financial challenge you face is shared by millions of others.

Fortunately, American families with a desire to save for future college expenses now have more options than ever before. Traditional investment options–savings accounts, taxable investment accounts, annuities, and U.S. Savings Bonds–are now joined by more recent investment vehicles including Section 529 college savings programs and Coverdell education savings accounts.

Dave would love to discuss these options with you and get you started on your path of proper planning for college. 

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{Excerpted from's Family Guide to College Savings}